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Welcome to Hydro-Ponics Inc.

Hydroponics is our business, service is our best product and educating you, our customer is our passion.

The most important thing to know about us is the fact the we know and understand hydroponics and growing. This is what separates us from other hydroponics outlets and online facilities. By simply comparing our website with the other ones out there, the most noticeable difference you will find here is... information. This is because we are here to help you. Go to another website and you are likely to find an online store with no information about hydroponics.

Why do they do this. If hydroponics is your business, should you not have information about hydroponics to help the people that spend money with you. They don't because money if the most important thing to them. It is important to us as well, but we want to earn by educating you, offering great product and give you pricing you can afford.

We know hydroponics and organics.

We understand nutrients and the proper usages of them.

We know the proper lighting systems based on you gardening project.

We know and understand the products we sell.

Our knowledge and passion to teach you ensures you a healthy harvest.

Information That Matters

We provide the information that is important to you. To give you the piece of mind that you are dealing with a company that knows growing and cares about its customers.
Do you have plants that are covered with bugs? Not all bugs are bad, find out the difference in our Hydroponics section. Do you have weak looking plants? Is it a deficiency or is it a disease? The answers are located in our Indentify Plant Diseases and Plant Deficiency pages. Are there steps I can take to prevent plant diseases and deficiencies? Yes there are! Call us to discuss the best way to prevent problems before they happen. You will find out quickly that we have the answers.

That's right, not all bugs are bad bugs.
Visit our good bugs and bad bugs pages to help you know which is which. Then call our knowledgeable staff and have them explain all of the reasons you should introduce good bugs to all of your growing projects.

Plant diseases are treatable. The best way is to first identify them and then understand the proper treatment.
Visit our section on plant diseases to help you determine what might be ailing your crop and see what treatment is recommended. If you are unsure that you have properly  identified  the disease, call us and we will help. We have the right products to solve all plant diseases and deficiencies. Call us for information, come in to our retail store or for your convenience you can find the products and buy them online. Visit our online store for all your hydroponics growing equipment and supplies.
Featured Product

Re-Cycler has been specifically formulated for use in either a soil based media or stand alone hydroponics system. It is non-chemical and non-hazardous. Re-Cycler is not designed as a flushing agent, it is a 100% organic beneficial additive comprised from select strains of hyper-vigorous naturally occurring microorganisms.


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