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Converting Measurements

Here are some helpful conversion charts to make sure your measurements are correct. This is often an overlooked area in growing, hydroponically or organically. Guessing measurements can cause problems in your plants life cycle. Plants are like people, too much of one this is not necessarily good and not enough of something can cause health problems. Use these helpful measurement with are feed schedules to help you accurately feed your plants.


One Gallon Converts To  
4 quarts 128 ounces 768 tsp
8 pints 3.785 liters 8.34 lbs
16 cups 256 tbsp 231 cu. in.

One Cup Concerts To:
8 ounces 48 tsp 0.23 liter
1/2 pint 236 ml 14.4 cu.in.
16 tbsp 0.52 lbs 236 grams

One Tablespoon Converts To:
1/2 ounce 3 tsp 15 grams
15 ml 180 drops o.663 cup

One Liter Converts To:
1000 ml 4.328 cups 202.88 tsp
2.164 pints 67.63 tbsp 0.264 gal
1000 grams 2.22 lbs 1.057 quarts

Measurement Equivalents  

3 tsp = 1 Tbsp 1 ml = 1/5 tsp
2 Tbsp = 1 l uid oz 5 ml = 1 tsp
16 Tbsp = 1 cup 15 ml = 1 Tbsp
2 cups = 1 pint (16 oz) 30 ml = 1 l uid oz
2 pints = 1 quart (32 oz) 240 ml = 1 cup
4 quarts = 1 gal (128 oz) 3840 ml = 1 gal

Learn More From Us

To learn more about Converting Measurements come in and talk to our knowledgeable staff and where you'll find more information. Converting and understanding measurements is crucial to your plant life cycle. Too much of this and not enough of that can cause severe problems and some may be difficult to overcome.

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