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Frequently Asked Questions

Just another way of helping you find the answers you need about hydroponics. We have them broken down by: Light, Water, Soil and Air to simplify your search

Our FAQ page is unlike most others. We spend time researching answers to the question that hydroponics user want to know. This page does not only address the "simple, everyday questions, but the more intriguing ones as well.

Our goal on this page is to develop a complete knowledge base of Frequently Asked Questions. If you cannot find your question, please call us or email us. We will promptly answer your question and then submit it to our FAQ page.

Question and Answers - Water

Question and Answers - Lighting

Question and Answers - Air

Question and Answers - Soil

Value in Knowledge      

Knowledge and Proper Information Translate into Money Saved

By having the knowledge needed in hydroponics and providing you with proper information translates in to money saved and money not wasted. This page hold value by the very questions we answer. Our ultimate goal, however, is to simply educate the hydroponics community, provide accurate information, superior service and ultimately earn your business. Simply put, we are different! We will always be available to answer questions and provide solutions to our customers and to those that are not our customers. Once you have dealt with our knowledgeable staff and see what a difference we make, you too will become a customer.  


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