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What are all of these new words? Just another way we are helping you understand. If you cannot fins the definition you are looking for call us and we will give it to you.

Our Glossary is a great reference. There are many, many terms that common indoor gardeners do not know and we want to help. By providing you the most common terms and definitions we hope to make you understand hydroponics better.

Lighting Glossary

Growing Glossary

Knowledge Sharing    

Sharing what we know with you is another thing that makes us different

Terms and more terms that you need to know in hydroponics, is simply put, another way of sharing our wisdom with you. In today's business world you must have something special over your competition or risk losing business. What makes us different is our knowledge and even more important is the sharing of that knowledge.

We give you know reasons to leave our site to go to another site for information because we have it all. The odds are if you do leave this site for another, all you will find is an online store asking you to spend money. All we ask is that if you need answers talk with us. We educate, we save you money and only sell you what you need.

Odds & Ends

Information You Might Need to Know

Why Indoor Gardening

How Indoor Gardening Works

How Plants Work

What to Grow

Identify Plant Deficiencies

Identify Plant Diseases

Feed Schedules

Herb Growing Times

Growing Tips

Converting Measurements

Growing and Lighting Glossary

Enhanced FAQ's


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