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Nutrient Feed Schedules

Feeding your plants by using the proper feeding schedules is as important if not more important as using the proper nutrients.  We will do our best at supplying the proper and updated feed schedules with all nutrients on the market. Make a point of checking this site for new and updated feed schedules on a regular basis.

Earth Juice
  Hydro-Organics   Hydroponics   Ornamentals   Shrubs and Trees
      Turf   Vegetables

General Hydroponics
Simple Drain to Waste   Expert Drain to Waste   Simple Recirculating
      Expert Recirculating   Flora Nova   Flora Series   Maxi Series
      Stand Alone Nutrients

  Hydro Feed   Soil Feed

Pro Blend Hydro   Pro Blend Soil   Botanicare - TriFlex

Atami BCUZZ  Hesi Nutrients BIOBIZZ Ionic
Roots Organics SuperNatural Grotek DynaGro 
Sunleaves  Technaflora DutchMaster General Organics
Humboldt Nutrients Hydrodynamics Organicare   


Our Foundation is built on years of experience in Hydroponics, Soil-less Organics, and old fashioned soil gardening. The owner has spent years testing and tinkering with various nutrients and supplements in search of outstanding harvests. We have found that you can achieve the biggest yields and the highest quality when proper science is applied.


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