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We want to hear from you, we need to hear from you. We aim to be the best hydroponics store in the state and in order for us to accomplish this we need to hear from you. Whether it is good or bad, we need to know. If you like what we are doing tell us, if we are doing something that you believe we can do better, tell us. With your help, we will be your only choice when it comes to all of your indoor gardening needs.

Hydro-Ponics, Inc
310 South 10th Street
Lemoyne, PA 17043

Telephone: 717.761.7979
Toll Free: 877.684.3838

Web: www.hydro-ponics.com

E-mail: info@hydro-ponics.com

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Jonny Q.
The staff was tremendous and had answers to all my questions. They even saved me money by showing me alternative ways to do what I was looking to do.

Manual V
Great price and had everything in stock that I needed. No games here.

Heather M
I was fortunate enough to to talk with the owner and what a treat. There is no doubt that this company will be here for a long time based on the service I received.

Bob C.
The prices where about average but can't beat the selection to other area shops and when it comes to knowing hydroponics they are second to none.

Ruey (R.J) J.
Incredible understanding of hydroponics. I am good and they talk me a few tricks. Can't wait to see my next harvest.

Roxy D.
The Best, the best, the best. Saved me money, gave me options and even offered to help me setup. Simply the best!

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