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Re-Cycler has been specifically formulated for use in either a soil based media or stand alone hydroponics system. It is non-chemical and non-hazardous. Re-Cycler is not designed as a flushing agent, it is a 100% organic beneficial additive comprised from select strains of hyper-vigorous naturally occurring microorganisms. Re-Cycler works on anything in the plant kingdom from trees and shrubs to your favorite vegetables and flowers. When added to your feeding/watering schedule, Re-Cycler proves to be an extremely valuable "tool" that EVERY gardener should have in his/her arsenal!

Re-Cycler has been designed to feed on insoluble inorganic salts in your system/media. (NOTE: In soils it takes approximately 2 weeks to colonize the root zone, however in hydroponic systems results happen MUCH faster within a day or two). When applying to turf or soil; wet the soil, apply Re-Cycler, water through until you have approximately 10% runoff.

Re-Cycler protects, and extends the root hairs of your favorite plants enabling them to grow big! It's a well known fact that build-up of insoluble salts/chemicals contributes to poor system/media conditions that can inhibit healthy plant growth and lead to a myriad of other issues, as any experienced gardener will tell you. The microbes in Re-Cycler break down inorganic salts and other carbon-based compounds into bio-available nutrients the plants can now consume, where without Re-Cycler those nutrients would have simply been flushed out into the environment never to be used, wasted money... Other byproducts of the process such as Humates stimulate and add vigor to your favorite flora as a side effect!

Re-Cycler has been tested in the indoor garden, in the garden outside, and in the yard. Every instance in which it was used produced positive results. We found that in 90% of our test cases that the plants with Re-Cycler produced on average 40-70% more vegetative biomass than without Re-Cycler. Use it on your yard to get the value of all the petro-chemical based fertilizers you've used over the years that are just lying around, bound up, waiting to be released. Re-Cycler can be used in your Aquaponics system as well to combat algae and see the grow beds. (Cut amount of Re-Cycler by 1/4 when using in a system with live fish, don't waste it. Re-Cycler can be used as a foliar spray as well to break down pesticide residuals on fruits and leaves.

Another added benefit of Re-Cycler is that it breaks down toxins such as un-spent herbicides and pesticides in the system/media. They are transformed into fatty acids, CO2 and water. Using Re-Cycler will force the breakdown of other dead organic material like carbohydrates and proteins, and convert them into soluble forms of N and P. Proteins break down into ammonia; Re-Cycler converts it into an assimilated form of nitrate your plants can use.

Another extremely valuable added benefit of using Re-Cycler is that our strains of hyper-vigorous microbes will overgrow harmful pathogenic microbes that may be present in your environment, thus enabling gardeners to be more effective at proactively managing the health of their plants environment. Re-Cycler "fluffs" up the soil making it spongier, which aides in aeration of the root zone enabling the plants to soak up the nutrients more effectively.

We here at Hydro Ponics Inc. are convinced Re-Cycler is THE way to improve and enhance your environment utilizing living microbes! Re-Cycle and make your plants and our planet happy and at the same time lessen the amount of work you as a gardener need to perform in order to maintain a clean, healthy system full of lush plants.  

General Best Practices

When using city water treated with chlorine make sure to allow chlorine to off gas prior to addition of Re-Cycler. Chlorine kills microbes!

When using city water treated with chloramines an RO system is strongly recommended, because like chlorine, chloramines kill microbes and chloramines don't off gas like chlorine gas will.

Well water is altogether a different animal, without an analysis you're guessing which is why an RO system is highly recommended, regardless of your water source.

Continued seasonal use restores depleted and damaged soil. It will also reduce the quantity of fertilizer necessary in your environment.

If you have an issue with salt buildup, when you begin using Re-Cycler, additional fertilization can be suspended while the salt build-up is being converted into bio-available nutrients for your plants.

Dosage Rates

NOTE: Re-Cycler should be diluted in water prior to application. Suggested application rates are just that, suggested. Rates should be adjusted for variations in soil, previous fertilization levels, etc. Testers have reported excellent results obtained by upping the recommended dosage rates in soils higher in excess nutrient salts. (i.e. Miracle Grow) It is also can be used to speed up the composting process, and clean up spills of herbicides, petroleum based products and pesticides.

For indoor container grown plants mix - 1 tsp (5ml) in one gallon of water. Allow for 10% runoff.

For Hydroponic/Aeroponics/DWC/Ebb&Flow systems - 2 tsp (10ml) per gallon of water is recommended for optimal results, however using 1 tsp (5ml) per gallon throughout the cycle will produce measurable results as well.

For Aquaponics systems start with 1/4 strength dose. (i.e. 1/4 tsp per gallon - up to 1/2 tsp per gallon)

For outdoor Flowers, Plants, Shrubs and Trees - Mix 1 ounce (30ml) in one gallon of water and apply evenly around root area. Thoroughly water after application to soak into root area. Apply when planting or transplanting, with each fertilizer application, or 3-4 times per growing season.

Row/Mound Applications - Mix 32oz in 100 gallons of water. This volume will treat up to 1 acre. Use 6" wide bands that are spaced 36" on center. Apply at planting and with each fertilizer application. for maximum results use at least two more times during the growing season.

Turf Applications - If you'd like to make your neighbors jealous then mix 1 gallon in 450 gallons of water. This volume will treat up to 1 acre. Apply in early spring, middle of summer, and late fall for optimal results.


Note: using more than the suggested application rates will NOT make things happen faster. This is a problem with most novice growers, remember LESS IS MORE! You can dial up the dose rates as you deem fit, but as with everything else available in your local hydroponics shop you still unfortunately cannot purchase "patience" or "the powers of observation." Without these two common sense "tools" you'll have a very hard time becoming successful at gardening in general.

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